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Our Office

Our mission at Mindful Recovery Center is simple – to help you through your difficult times and hold your hand on your way to not only treating your symptoms but also to your recovery and remission. Our experience is born out of deep personal struggles and the many journeys of overcoming the challenges of mental health.

At Mindful Recovery Center hope is not lost.

First in the city to offer Neurostar TMS treatment, we are located in the heart of sunny Glendale, California. We are conveniently located near The Americana, the Glendale Galleria and nearby restaurants and the newly renovated Glendale Public Library.

Our first floor office is nestled in a one-of-a-kind building surrounded by beautiful trees, water fountains and a serene environment. Our goal is to deliver this state of the art treatment while focusing on patient safety, comfort & privacy.

We have ample designated parking spots with a private entry to the office from the back. We have an immaculate private front patio with space to relax before and after treatment. We have a designated waiting area for family to rest while patient gets treatment.

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